JavaFX Scene Builder 2.0

JavaFX Scene Builder 2.0

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JavaFX is a well-known collection of graphics and media packages that allows developers not only to design and create apps, but also to test, debug, and deploy rich client applications.
Since JavaFX apps are written in Java, they are usually created with the help of Java editor or any integrated development environment (IDE) that supports the Java language. Anyway, when it comes to creating UIs (User Interfaces), a much simpler and easier solution available is JavaFX Scene Builder.

JavaFX Scene Builder enables you to design the UI for your JavaFX application without any coding, just by dragging and dropping UI components to the work area. After you choose and add the UI components to the interface, you can easily change their properties, apply different style sheets, and even integrate the resulting code with the application logic. In other words, JavaFX Scene Builder provides a visual layout environment needed for the fast, easy, and convenient design of user interfaces.

Even nonprogrammers that aren’t experienced with coding can create JavaFX apps: the FXML code for the layout is automatically generated as you build the UI layout. This tool is also suitable for Java developers who want to focus on developing the application logic instead of the UI, separately.

Anyway, the drag-and-drop interface and the automatic FXML code generation are not the only remarkable features of JavaFX Scene Builder. JavaFX Scene Builder also features integration with the NetBeans and with any Java IDE, live editing and preview functions, a handy GUI controls library that also allows adding custom GUI components to it, 3D support, CSS support, rich text support, and more.

Being both comprehensive and easy-to-use, JavaFX Scene Builder is also free of charge. In conclusion I'd say that JavaFX Scene Builder is a great tool to have for any designer, developer, or person who deals with JavaFX app creation tasks.

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  • Easy to use
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Automatic FXML code generation


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